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Young Crooi

[CSGO] Simple Admin & VIP Manager [SAVM]

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La 24.04.2018 la 23:30, Young Crooi a spus:



Description :
It allow you to help to manage your admins and vip's very simply. Also, a simple web interface, why ? 'cause I HAVE TOO MUCH FREETIME ! (and it's cool)

Demostration :
A exemple of the web interface can be found here :
Username : demo
Password : 123

PS: Don't remove database configuration please YayFoxEmote.png

Screenshots & Videos :


Preview of the web-interface
Black'n'white theme :


Cvar & Commands

Cvar :
sm_savm_enable_trial "1" Should be the command sm_trial enabled ?

sm_savm_tmp_flags "opqrst" Flag given when someone type !trial ?

sm_savm_trial_time "1800" For how much time the user is in trial mode (TIME IN SECONDE(S)) ?

sm_savm_trial_day "1" Set after how much DAY(s) a user will be able to do sm_trial again ?

Config file created under /cfg/sourcemod folder after the first start of the plugin

Commands :

sm_savmadd - Add a admin / vip in the database

sm_savmedit - Edit a admin / vip in the database

sm_savmdremove - Remove a admin / vip in the database

sm_trial - Add temporaly a user as a admin/vip >>> HIGHLY REOMMANDED TO TAKE A LOOK AT CVAR <<<

sm_savmexpiration - Show how much time you have your acces.


Oh fuuuu...

Web interface (not needed but recommended)

1) Download "webinterface.zip" (or webinterfaceB&W.zip for the black'n'white theme) extract and put it in your website using a FTP client, for exemple...

1.1) Now, visit the web page, the path should be something like www. YOURHOST/SimpleAdminVIPManager/

1.2) You should have a failure : Your database configuration doesn't exist, Oh sh*t mm ? Well, not a problem, all planned. Log to your phpmyadmin web interface www. YOURHOST.com/phpmyadmin or what ever you use and create a database named like you want, for exemple "SuperCoolDatabase"

1.3) Now, visit again the web interface, put this time, go to www. YOURHOST.com/SimpleAdminVIPManager/install/install.php and put the corrects infos into fields, and push "accept" button, if the connetion to database worked, you should have the same webpage as in the screenshot (see "Screenshots & Videos" section of this post)

And finally :

Plugin only

2) Put ManageAdmins.smx in your plugins folder.

3) Configure your database.cfg (in your configs folder!)

Put this at the very end of the file, but right before the last '}' :


    "SAVM_Database"     {         "driver"            "default"         "host"                ""         "database"            ""         "user"                ""         "pass"                ""     }


        "driver"            "default"
        "host"                ""
        "database"            ""
        "user"                ""
        "pass"                ""

4) Reload plugins folder, restart map or restart server.

5) You are done!

For those who wanna compille the plugin manually, you will need :

  • MoreColors


Config file created under /cfg/sourcemod folder after the first start of the plugin

Bugs :

Any ! Yay everything is fully working !

Request :

  • Adding immunity group, or something like this... [REQUEST] DONE!
  • Adding group support [REQUEST] DONE!

Thanks to :

Wolf39us ! For his admin menu implemantation !
Mitchell for is date check problem fix !

Logs :
0.1 : First public release.
0.2 : Now, when you edit the database via the plugin, changes are immediatly made !
0.3 : Web interface not needed anymore ! You can : instal plugin + web interface OR just plugin !
0.4 : Fixed small bugs. All request added (Immunity + group support !)
0.5 : Updated the web interface only. 2 new unused bouttons are now supposed to display logs !
0.6-7 : sm_reloadadmins doesn't wipe already existing and connected admins, yay !
0.8 : Okay, date check fixed and work now smile.gif !
0.9 : I removed the flag check in the web interface, 'cause you are supposed to put group name as well !
1.9.0 : Cleaned a bit the code of the plugin. Also removed all upercase letter in table creation.
1.9.1 : Added full supprot for all browser, (yes, IE included.)
2.0.0 : Fixed minor bugs (sm_reloadadmins when typed into server console.)
2.2.0 : Add a console on the web interface.

Please, take the most up-to-date web interface (2.3.0) !
Also, do not forget to click on the Updater button after you finished your install !

This command should be run only if you used to run an older version of the plugin. Once.

You like this plugin ? You wanna help ? Or you just have a few unused virtual coins ? Or you just want to pay me a hot chocolate ? I will be very grateful !
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La 2/28/2020 la 11:05 AM, EndreEndi a spus:



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