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    1. 995 posts

      Rules, Announcements & Feedback

      Important announcements, general forum rules, reporting of platform issues, and suggestions or opinions about the forum.

    2. 5,732 posts


      Category dedicated to all users of the forum. In this area, members can file complaints against other members.

    3. 7,437 posts

      Commercial ads

      Do you sell or buy a product? Do you need a service? Here is the right place to place an offer.

    4. 8 posts

      Ranks applications

      New applications are not supported at this time. We will contact you by email when new places will be available.

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    1. 27,010 posts

      Development resources

      Give your players a unique experience using these resources.

    2. 8,234 posts

      Problems & questions

      Are you worried? You will receive answers to all your questions.

    3. 3,070 posts

      Servers & community

      In this area you can find different servers and communities of San Andreas Mutiplayer.

    4. 2,871 posts

      Tutorials & guides

      Tutorials & guides created by our community members exclusively for you!

    1. 10,392 posts

      Development resources

      Do you need resources to develop your website? Here you can find everything you want.

    2. 815 posts

      Problems & questions

      Need help with a problem or have a question? Post here and you will get an answer.

    3. 1,050 posts

      Your website

      Do you have a project in development? You can present your project in this category to make it known.

    1. 4,208 posts

      Cracked programs, Exploits & Dumps

      Get free software, accounts or information that would normally cost you money.

    2. 1,418 posts

      Source codes & scripts

      Developers area: C/C++, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, Perl, Python.

    3. 260 posts


      Discussions about Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum and their lesser known brothers.

    4. 270 posts

      Mobile phones

      Discussions about mobile phones, rooting, jailbreaking, etc.

    5. 750 posts

      Internet & PC

      Discussions about the online environment and PC. The perfect area for today's youngs.

    6. 263 posts


      Do you want to start programming? Look and learn!

    7. 2,912 posts


      In this area you can find different "leaks" that do not fall into the above categories.

    1. 1,696 posts


      Movies, TV series, music, photos, forum games, etc.

    2. 607 posts


      Here you can find everything related to the games mentioned above.

    3. 1,348 posts

      Free discussions

      Here you can interact with the forum members in any way. Attention! There is only the rule of common sense.

    4. 2,623 posts


      In this area the topics deleted by our staff members arrive.

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