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  • Username:CosminAdv/blaw sunt accelas.
  • Nume gamemode:Hqp123 mega edit
  • Creator (sau editor):Creator hqp123, editor CosminAdv
  • Poze/Video în care prezinți modul de joc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD6o9BoKmkc&t=22s
  • Link Virustotal:n-am, dar va asigur ca nu are virusi.
  • Link download:  
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  • Alte precizări:are sistem emotes, sistem pariuri,sistem corona, special quest mapping adaugat 17 factiuni, de scos comanda /vasilica, btw, nu merge comanda /factions ie usor de reparat, aveti mai multe in video.
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