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Mod de joc - Engame edit

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On 3/10/2019 at 6:10 PM, darkwolf231 said:
  • Username:darkwolfadv
  • Nume gamemode:Engame edit
  • Creator (sau editor): AlexxAdv - Creator, darkwolfadv- Editor
  • Poze/Video în care prezinți modul de joc:
  • Link Virustotal:https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/428e7f6e970e5bbf2e5bc43fac52f35b14b2b2d4fb0ceaa32708dc00f1f8d503/detection
  • Link download:

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  • Alte precizări:Sa nu asteptati sa nu aiba buguri ???? gm este o versiune mai veche ???? cel actual ili vand fara nici un bug ???? 
  • UPDATE:{FFFFFF}V0.3=>{FF0000} - Pus un skin in stanga jos\n{FF0000} - Schimbat Tot logo asemanator b-hood\n{FFFFFF}V0.2=>{FF0000} - Schimbat culoarea la logo\n{FF0000} - Adaugat Payday pe textdraw\n{FF0000} - Adaugat comanda /rainbowvehicle pentru vip si admin\n{FF0000} - Adaugat un actor la spawn\n{FF0000} - Schimbat spawn-ul\n{FF0000} - Adaugat sistem-ul de airdrop\n{FFFFFF}V0.1=>{FF0000} - Adaugat Infernus VIP la giftobx\n{FF0000} - Adaugat casino nou [/findbiz 55]\n{FF0000} - Adaugat un sistem de [/blackjack] la casino\n{FF0000} - Adaugat comanda [/speed] pentru admini level 6\n{FF0000} - Adaugat sistem de [/spin] la casino

sa vedem

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