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Young Crooi

[GameMode] Limitless Gaming: Roleplay

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CREDITS:COMMAND PROCESSOR:Myself for script production
Seif for a few systems
Incognito for the streamer plugin
Other creators of other includes used



71TPp.png71TPp.pngIncognito's Streamer Plugin

FEATURES.Limitless Gaming was a project that originally started in the early months of 2011. I endeavoured to open a role-play community with this script, in hope that it would prosper in to a fairly prestigious one, however with the exam season nearing and being edged to get a job and such, the project was discontinued.

I picked up the script again around January time of 2012 and began developing it further, and added things such as a vehicle system and an array of administrator commands.

Personally I do recommend this script for beginners. It has a handful of useful features, there are some warnings during compiling that will give you an opportunity to look in to and learn some more.

There are a few custom forwards and callbacks, using the name "Otman" this is because a chap called Otman helped me in my early months of developing the script and using his name helped me to remember things a lot easier.

WHY SHOULD I DOWNLOAD THIS SCRIPT?Limitless Gaming has adopted many features. Amidst the script are features that, without a doubt, you have seen in another community, however there are some that make this script different. As well as this, the script is entirely custom and entirely unique, and not some bog-standard Godfather edit. Some of the features included are:
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Working cellphone system (With phone credit)
  • Unique pickups as oppose to the generic 'i' and such
  • Complete administrator system with a handful of useful commands
  • Unique registration
  • Unique and custom mappings, produced by myself
  • Quiz when licensing
  • 7 Jobs, and a few side-jobs
  • Arms dealer system with packages and production systems
  • IRC Connection
  • Complete faction system [/f and a handful of other commands]
  • Complete hitman system (Generic concept, though)
  • As faction leader, you entirely control your faction - Paychecks, ranks, skin IDs to each rank, etc.
  • Spawn protection (When you login, you're protected for 60 seconds)
  • Anti Advertisement System
  • Anti DeAMX System (Custom made!)
  • Dynamic vehicles
  • Administrators can change your: Name, phone number, spawn point, place of origin and more!
  • Dynamic factions (To an extent)
  • And loads more features!
  • Driving/Flying/Sailing license exams.

The features listed above: Some are unique, some are custom-made, yet with a generic concept. The script may 'tickle your pickle' and be the right one for you. Only you can make that choice.


I have supplied a handful of download links for you to download from. Each download link consists of a complete script-files set, PAWN Includes, the gamemode (.pwn and .amx!), as well as the plugin (Incognito's Streamer Plugin). The download links are:

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To make yourself an administrator, simply go in-game and style '/setadmin [Your ID] 1338' and then goto the .PWN file and uncomment the line on /setadmin!


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nu îmi plac astea roleplay

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sa vedem








Sunt de moda veche | Inca mai cred in respect ????

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