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Young Crooi

[FilterScript] Garage System & Mask System

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La 26.03.2018 la 23:50, Young Crooi a spus:

A script that I had worked on over Opis Gaming, they never credited me for it so I decided to release it as a way to expose them. 

Have fun!

* There are pre-made garages spreaded out across the map (mostly on the original mod garages like Transfender - this excludes San Fierro though)
* Passengers of the vehicle that is inside the garage will be placed in a spectate mode.
* You have to modify /buymask as it is currently usable anywhere.
* pMaskTime is used to determine when player can buy mask, remove it if you wanted to. 

I edited it a little bit removing a few stuff, I didn't bothered patching it up or adding new stuffs. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask by posting below or hit me up on PM!







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let's try


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