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youtube.com/gabyown ---------------- YT Channel: GabyOwN -------------------------- for more
  • youtube.com/gabyown ---------------- YT Channel: GabyOwN -------------------------- for more

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  1. puteti sa il faceti si modular cu in .js nou in package/gamemoode si in index.js dati require la noul vostru .js creat
  2. SERVER SIDE Username: GabyOwN Nume resursa: Comanda /setadmin Creator (sau editor): baietii de pe discord-ul https://discord.gg/tAgX3guhyJ si GabyOwN cu putin edit Poze/Video de prezentare: tabel in database la users: Link download: [Protected content] Alte precizări: pentru ajutor dati reply! ATENTIE: PENTRU A BAGA VERIFICARE LA COMENZI trebuie sa aveti in server side: let newTarget = mp.players.at(target); la playerJoin bagati asta: player.admin = result[0].admin) apoi asta bagati la comanda: if(player.admin < 7) return player.outputChatBox("!{grey} >> !{white}Nu ai gradul administrativ necesar!"); mp.events.addCommand("vspawn", (player, vehID) => { if(player.admin < 1) return player.outputChatBox("!{grey}>> !{white}Nu ai gradul administrativ necesar!"); if(!vehID) return player.outputChatBox(`!{grey}Syntax >> !{white}/vspawn (vehid)`); var skema = {}; for(var id in cars) { if(cars.hasOwnProperty(id) && cars[id].DisplayName === vehID.toUpperCase()) { skema[id] = cars[id]; } } if(JSON.stringify(skema)!='{}') { const vehicle = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat(vehID), player.position, { heading: player.heading, dimension: player.dimension, numberPlate: "AdmCar" }); player.putIntoVehicle(veh, 0); } else { return player.outputChatBox(`!{grey}>> !{white}Model-ul introdus nu corespunde!`); } player.outputChatBox(`!{grey}>> !{white}Ai spawnat un vehicul de tip !{grey}${vehID}.`); });

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